Making time for a Detox

Take as much time as you need.detox-500x500

What I mean by that is make sure you are ready to fully commit.

Now I’m going to retract that previous statement and say don’t commit 100% in the beginning. A big reason why ‘diets’ get put off or fail is because most of us feel like we ‘can’t make the time’ for such a big change in our lives because we put so much pressure on ourselves to do too much at once. Jumping into a diet plan the first of the month without allowing yourself an easy way to transition is never a good idea.

Get your feet wet. Start off with small changes. It took me nearly 3 months to get myself ready to fully commit to doing a 60-day detox cleanse. One week I would cut down on my sugar and wheat intake, and the next week I would see a piece of strawberry shortcake beckoning my name and I would cave. The next few days of course I would pay for the consequences of my ill decision. The following week when I felt like I was ready, I would start up again and this time I would try to cut out a said food for 2 weeks. I’d feel accomplished and then of course I’d reward myself after those weeks and give myself a little treat and feel crummy again. I did this on-and-off-again for the next 3 months, gradually increasing from 2 weeks to 3 to 4, etc. until I felt like the changes I had made would allow me to fully commit to eating clean for 60 days.

Some small changes to help get you started:

  • Replace sugar with stevia (you only need 1/2 the amount to achieve the same sweetness)
  • Cut down to 1 cup of coffee a day if you drink multiple cups
  • Start juicing and take that meal in a cup on the go! Having something to sip on throughout the day will help stave off the afternoon munchies and save you from making a bad decision like going to the vending machines
  • Snack healthy: Nuts and berries are always a great choice
  • Cut down on soda and substitute with natural sweet teas

That doesn’t sound so bad does it? Making these small changes will help you towards making healthier decisions and eventually help transition you into clean eating.

Good luck! If you have any questions, you know how to reach me.


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3 thoughts on “Making time for a Detox

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  2. Getting to ready to start my 2nd destox this year (4th total) while trying to pin down some stomach issues. You site has some great posts and warm support. I’m so glad you stopped by, so I could find you.

    • Aw I’m so glad you stopped by as well:) It really means a lot even if one person can find something to take away from my ramblings. Wow 4 TOTAL? Good for you. Hope you find what’s still causing those issues. I know I’m still a work in progress myself. I recently found out too much coffee was a bad thing for me, but in moderation I’m ok. It’s nice to know there’s a silver lining somewhere.

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