Dry Skin Moisturizer DIY

There is nothing sexy about having dry, flaky skin. I can attest to this, I have Eczema, a chronic skin condition characterized by inflammation and dryness year round. Whether you have a skin condition or are just trying to stay moisturized during the dry, cold winter months there’s a few things you can do to help keep your lipid bilayer in tact and it only takes two things: Eucerin lotion and Glycerine. I’ve tried countless moisturizers advertised to help ‘ultra dry skin stay baby soft’ to no avail until one day I looked into my bathroom cupboards and had this wonderful thought dawn on me: ‘Why don’t I just mix these two together?’. And VOILA, my skin care routine has never been the same.

As you can tell from my previous posts I have a knack for opening up cupboards and having ideas jump out at me . If only this were true for other aspects in life.  Like when getting pulled over by the police for speeding, and being able to find the perfect words or jokes to say that will get you out of a ticket. Or like an exam, when you don’t know an answer, can you imagine?!

Back to the DIY. So why Eucerin lotion and Glycerine? Well..

Eucerin Original lotion

I’ve used this lotion for years; since I was a toddler under the recommendation of my dermatologist and although it is a little pricey($7-$11), it is well worth the money (Not to mention, you’ll actually be saving product when combining with Glycerine). Unlike many other lotions out on the market, Eucerin doesn’t just sit there on the top layer of your skin; It really starts to sink in and you feel the relief immediately.  That being said, because my skin is abnormally dry, I felt like my skin still needed more. What I needed was a layer to seal in the moisture I applied, and that’s where the Glycerine comes in.


Glycerine has a serum consistency and is a humectant, meaning it draws from a moisture source to keep things moist. VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE Glycerin BY ITSELF. Why? Because it is a humectant, it will draw moisture from your own body, and trust me when I say this from personal experience it’s painful. I applied this on it’s own once and my skin felt like it was playing tug of war. If you mix the Glycerine with a lotion like the Eucerin, the Glycerine will draw the moisture from the lotion rather than from you own body. It will also help facilitate in drawing the lotion into you skin and form a barrier on top so nothing evaporates. I’ve found NOW Solutions brand to be the best.

Directions: It’s really simple. Immediately after you’ve taken a shower to open up your pores so that they are at their maximum suppleness to absorb the products, mix 2 parts Eucerin lotion to 1 part Glycerine and massage into your skin. The whole process should take less than 10 minutes. Once you’re done moisturizing DO NOT put your clothes on for another 20 minutes. That’s right, walk around the house (or your room, if you’re living with others) naked. This part is absolutely crucial because not only will your clothes absorb the product, but it will also trap heat. So air yourself out and be free!


Shower at night, a few hours or so before going to bed. You will be less prone to itching, sleep better, and will give your skin ample time to heal. Wake up and see the results:)

5 Replies to “Dry Skin Moisturizer DIY”

  1. Hey,
    A very nice post! :)
    I am totally into natural skin care regime for my skin and believe, the less chemicals you use on face the better it is!
    Glycerine is great for dry skin, it’s a natural mooisturizer. I completely love applying it on my face at night by mixing it with rose water.

    Geetika | geetikawalia.wordpress.com

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