Trust Your Gut

Soo I cheated. I had a strawberry daiquiri. In my defense though I only got it for the souvenir guitar glass. Those concert vendors sure know how to get a fan. I should probably mention I went to the Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson concert this past weekend, which was awesome by the way! If you ever get a chance to see either artist perform live please do.

But about the strawberry daiquiri, or should I say strawberry flavored corn syrup and rum. So we’re at the concert and it’s HOT. My friends and I were thirsty and saw a few other concertgoers with these cool looking glasses in their hands and we knew that’s what we wanted.

Up until that point, since eating clean I cut out most added sugars, including alcohol from my diet. Sure I’ll have the occasional glass of wine in a social setting if it’s offered, or on a girls night, but that’s about it. So I figured I’d order a daiquiri since I’d been so good about watching what I ate. One little drink wouldn’t hurt right? Welllll…I took a few sips and in the first 10 minutes all that sugar just sat in my stomach and did all sorts of funky things. I handed it off to my friend to finish before it could ruin my night of me fan-girling over Adam Levine. Luckily the stomach cramps stopped after I had some water and I was able to enjoy the concert. But it really is crazy how fast my body was able to pick up on the junk I was feeding myself. I guess when your body’s used to eating clean it just doesn’t want to go back. So lesson learned: trust your gut, in this case literally. I still got a souvenir out of the experience so I’m still happy.


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