Don’t strive for perfection

perfection picture

Blogger’s remorse. I have it. And if you’re a blogger, maybe you have it too from time to time. This doesn’t of course only apply for bloggers. Anyone can have remorse. You know that guilty feeling you get when you haven’t fulfilled a promise to the biggest person in your life, yourself. Whether it’s making a promise to go to the gym more, getting around to that book you’ve been wanting to read, trying out that new recipe, or in my case putting up more posts, we all wish we could have more time in the day to get around to doing the things we wanted to do instead of putting them off for another spare time. For me, work has been taking over most of my free time, so I’ve been lacking in my 3 a week blog-posting schedule. But that doesn’t mean I’m not always thinking about what I’m going to write next, or what new post I’ll find in my newsfeed to read. I’m always writing in my notebook at work. I probably have the rough drafts to almost 10 posts, but the main reason why they haven’t gone up yet…is because I’ve been too much of a perfectionist.

Blog notebook: post-its and scribbles everywhere

“But the truth of the matter is people are happy when we just throw something out there.” Matthew Hussey.

Matthew Hussey is a brilliant life coach from the U.K. who gives seminars world wide. He also did a network show in the U.S. recently with film actress Eva Longoria, and he has a best-selling book as well. In the video below, he’s talks about how much he sucks at communicating back with the commenters on his blog. He does comment back whenever he can, but he admits that he could be more engaging than he is, rather than going days or weeks at a time without putting up new posts just because he still hasn’t ‘perfected’ it yet. I will say I’m pretty good about commenting back and leaving comments on other blogs thanks to my handy-dandy WordPress app on my phone. Areas I can improve on is spending less time editing. A lot of times I post pictures up, taken from my own camera, and I’ll spend time setting up the shot to get the lighting just right and then of course spending the time editing the photos. At the end of the day though I really love doing it, but I’ll try to be less OCD. One thing I probably won’t skimp the time on however is a recipe post. I haven’t been posting too many recipes because I’m still working out the kinks on a few of them. I really wouldn’t want you guys to try a mediocre recipe, and I’m sure you’d appreciate it if I didn’t either ;)


6 thoughts on “Don’t strive for perfection

  1. Ahh this is SO me! I hate, hate, hate publishing anything that’s less than “perfect” on TCR… Which means each post (hard to believe it, I know) is painstakingly written, edited, proof-read, cited, and then of course, the pictures – so much editing! Haha of course, my lack of photoshop/tech skills probably don’t really help things either but still. That whole process can really slow down and discourage me from blogging more sometimes so I definitely get where you’re coming from – I mean, we ARE blogging twins after all! ;)

    Love, love, love this whole post, Rahki!

    • Thanks twinnie;) Ditto on the whole process feeling like it slows you down. I was photographing something for my next product review outside, and the clouds kept blocking the sun. It was an endless waiting game until I decided to sing “Mr. Sun Sun Mr. Golden Sun” song so they would go away lol.

      You always do a great job on TCR, love all your images :)

  2. “I’m always writing in my notebook at work. I probably have the rough drafts to almost 10 posts”
    That’s me too!!

    I really feel you on the rest, I mostly post recipes so I write them as I’m cooking in my note book and take pictures as I’m going so I’ve got plenty of notes and pics that need to come together. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed, but I’m not doing it for anyone but myself as a “virtual cookbook” and if anyone benefits as well…great! The only ones who get to demand my attention are my kids :)

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