Product Review: Olay Pro-X

Quick review time! So three months ago I was debating on whether or not to buy the Clarisonic cleansing system or to go for the more affordable drug store brand, Olay Pro-X. Growing up, my mother always bought Olay products, and so naturally I got turned onto them as well. I decided to give the Olay Pro-X cleansing system a go, and if I didn’t like it I could always get my money back. Olay has a 60-day money-back guarantee on this product and so does Ulta Beauty (love that store).

olay pro-x little bliss book


It is regularly priced at $25-$28. I had a coupon and got it for $20. Can’t complain there.


  • Lightweight
  • Rotating brush head
  • 2 speed controls
  • Water-resistant for easy use in the shower
  • Includes 2AA batteries and a sample size exfoliating cleanser


The Olay Pro-X cleansing system claims to cleanse and gently exfoliate while deep cleaning 6x better than manual cleansing. What did I find? Well, not exactly the results I was hoping for. I have combination-skin. Although the texture of my skin did improve slightly, the cleanser was a little too harsh for my dry patches and brought out more flakiness. I would say using a more gentler cream based cleanser for those areas like Cetaphil would probably be best.

For my forehead, nose, and cheeks, where I’m prone to getting more breakouts and clogged pores I was hoping the brush head would somehow magically suck out the whiteheads and I’d have shrunken pores. The brush was good about cleansing the top surface and removing my makeup, but I didn’t feel like it took out any of the dirt that might have been left under the surface.

After trying this for 2 weeks both on my face and body, I ended up returning it. It did however still clean my face better than regular manual washing. For this system, I think the cleanser is key. If you’re lucky enough to have normal type skin and just want a better alternative to manual washing that’s still affordable, I think this system will work for you as long as you find a cleanser that will still clean the surface but not tear the skin. I also recommend steaming your face or using a hot towel to open your pores to better work in the product. If you’re looking to get a more deep cleaning then try going for a  cleansing system with pulse-sonic vibrations. I’ll be trying the Clarisonic Mia 2 system next which has the pulse-sonic technology and let you know what I think, til then…


4 thoughts on “Product Review: Olay Pro-X

  1. Ooh I’ve actually been going back and forth about buying a Clarisonic for about a year now but the price tag has left me kind of hesitant since I tend to buy things, use them obsessively for a week or two and then leave them tucked away in my cabinet to collect dust. This might be the perfect happy medium – not too pricey in case I don’t use it a ton but still at least semi-helpful. My skin is mostly oily (gross, I know) but I do have certain patches that tend to dry out more easily than others so your review makes me wonder what would happen to me. I’ll definitely let you know if I end up trying it out!

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