Morning Frittata

Here’s what the start of Week 2 is looking like…

Egg spinach and tomato fritata
Ham egg spinach and tomato frittata

15 Replies to “Morning Frittata”

    1. Surprisingly this took me less than 10 minutes to make, I just sliced the tomatoes, ripped the ham and spinach with my hands and threw them in the pan lol…it’s gourmet cooking skills at it’s finest

    1. Haha well I’m glad my foodie pics have the power to “almost” make you want to eat veggies and eggs…maybe you just need someone to cook it up right for you. That or maybe you haven’t had a nice real fresh tomato or egg. I had organic tomatoes for the first time this summer, and it makes the stuff you buy in the regular grocery stores taste like GROSS slush

    1. I’ve thought of baking my Frittata as well, only because it can get tricky when trying to flip it over in the pan, but I hate waiting for the oven to preheat so I might in vest in one of those double-sided pans:)

      1. Double-sided pan: That’s an interesting idea! I’m not sure I ever really considered that…
        I turn the oven on first, before doing any of the other preparation. That way the oven is ready for me when I’m ready.

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