Runnning in the Dark

Hey there friends! Happy Sunday to you all, and HAPPY NOVEMBER! I know I’m like 10 days late on this. I’m sorry. My days have just been running into each other since mid-October. There have been birthdays and holidays and events oh my! But it’s been a beautifully crazy fun few weeks and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But I’ve missed you all, and there’s new followers that I haven’t had a chance to visit, but don’t worry I’m getting to you ;) And of course there’s all those posts from the great bloggers I follow that I have to catch up on. So if you see me liking and commenting on a bunch of your posts from 2 weeks ago, know this is why ;)

I’ve gotten to do some interesting things in the last few weeks though, and one of them was the 5K Neon Run. You basically run in the dark, (it sounds dangerous, but it’s lit well enough to where you can see), and you get splattered in glow in the dark paint.

neon run, little bliss book, fitness

Our shoes

Now I’m not very much of a runner because of my asthma, but my best friend has been on a health kick like I have and she’s lost A LOT of weight and I’m so proud of her for it so I decided I’d to join her in another run, why not. Plus I decided I wasn’t going to let my asthma keep me from doing some good old fashion exercise.

neon run, fitness, little bliss book

Like my Pink Neon tights?

The first run I did was the Color Run, but I’d have to say the Neon Run was way more fun. There were 3 stops along the course where you got hosed down in color and got to go through a black light tent, called the Neon Zone. There were DJ’s at every one so you could jam out to the music and feel like you were a part of a rave. The cutest thing was watching the kids running with their parents and seeing the excitement on their faces. I didn’t do anything this cool when I was a kid so I know I would’ve been STOKED and gone back to school to brag to my classmates.

tebowing, neon run, fitness, gators, little bliss book

Ode to Tebow

All in all, the run was loads of fun and I’d definitely do it again. The organization is fairly new but I know they’re growing and adding more locations. If you’re interested in doing the Neon Run check out their website:

And as always…


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