Striking Truths

I’ve always liked bottling words of little wisdom from quotes or sayings and playing with imagery. A lot of the images I’ve used on LBB come from my own camera and with some fine amateur editing skills and my favorite little sayings (like I do here) you have a little bliss-ism. Yes I’m totally making up that word. But I recently discovered a website that actually sells posters of these quotes called strikingtruthsCheck it out, they’re pretty inspiring. Happy Motivation Monday! And as always…Follow Your Bliss






5 Replies to “Striking Truths”

  1. I have come to enjoy my Monday mornings again thanks to you. These are wonderful sentiments that I will take with me for the rest of my day let alone the rest of my week and my life, thank you. Hugs!

  2. You just made my Monday morning!
    What lovely, inspiring, pure, honest thoughts and words showing in the posters! Many thanks for finding out the links for us…will buy some posters, for sure; to refresh, to upgrade myself :)

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