Really That’s How Raspberries Actually Taste?


I’ve never been the type to hop on a health craze bandwagon, organics included. As long as I know something is as natural as possible without being too genetically modified then I’ll buy it. You can’t even trust labels nowadays, everything is a dupe. I picked up some organic raspberries for the first time to have in my daily morning oatmeal and honestly I didn’t know raspberries could taste so—good! I’ve always liked raspberries, but organic raspberries are taste like another breed. Well, I guess they technically are. They’re firm, not mushy, have a great subtle sweetness to them rather than being too tart. It’s safe to say, I don’t think I’ll be going back to ‘regular’ raspberries anytime soon. Makes me wonder, what else have I been eating that’s not suppose to taste how I’m used to it tasting.

Happy Monday!

18 Replies to “Really That’s How Raspberries Actually Taste?”

  1. Raspberry is pretty damn pricey stuff here in Indonesia,
    Never eaten or seen the regular instead the organic ones……
    eversince it’s pricey’ my brain suggest my tongue taste buds to said it’s damn good even it’s sometimes very sour, hehehe

      1. Snakes! Love them! The non poisonous kind that is! My son and I would go hunting for them…just to look at them of course. I hope you get to start that garden. It is so much fun to see the “fruits” of your labor. And the produce is so delicious! ✿

    1. I know! I’ve always thought the same with tomatoes as well…I’ve had organic tomatoes and they definitely do taste different. Way more flavor. I can see why so many people don’t like tomatoes…if they had organic ones I’m sure they’d change their minds. The avocado thing is of my friends is allergic to avocados in California but not the ones in Florida. I think its the nitrous gas they shoot them up with there SO SCARY! Just makes you want to make your own little garden sometimes so you know where your food is coming from.

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