March Blogger Spotlight!

Happy Monday! As mentioned in last month’s February Blogger Spotlight Post, I will be doing random monthly features here on Little Bliss Book. So drum roll please, our March Blogger Spotlight goes to Debby of She’s just an inspiring ‘girl sitting front of her blog, asking her belly to love her’. Scroll down to read more and check out her page. I’m still looking for more people to submit for next month. Your blog can be on any genre, so don’t be shy and enter. Just do it! 

blogger spotlight

Want to be featured next month?

The rules are simple:

1) Are we friends? If you’re following Little Bliss Book via WordPress, Email and one other blogging platform Facebook/Bloglovin/Google +/Pinterest you can submit even if you’re self-hosted or a blogger on Blogspot.

2) Contact me! Click on ‘Contact’ at the top of this page on the menu bar and briefly explain what your blog is about like this:

I’m a Bliss follower, yoga and DIY enthusiast, Amateur Chef focused on Gluten-soy-free clean eating, and eczema-free living

Mention who your general audience is, something interesting about you, and if you could follow your bliss what would it be and why.

3) Send me a quote! Who doesn’t love a good quote. I like bottling words of wisdom and inspiration and making it sharable to everyone so send in a quote to feature as well.

Bloggers will be selected at random on the last Saturday of the month and be contacted the next day to feature on the first Monday of the month. Along with being featured in a post, you’ll be featured in the sidebar Monthly Blogger Spotlight.

So get ready and introduce yourself, I look forward to reading your submissions and blogs!

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What’s your blog about?

I’m keeping a blog that follows my first 90 days on the specific carbohydrate diet (SCD), because when I decided to embark on this extremely tough diet, it was the most challenging thing I’d had to do in a long time – and all I really wanted was to know how it *felt* to be on this diet every day for 90 days. I couldn’t really find anything like that, so I decided to create it myself, for anyone else who is doing SCD or thinking of doing it. It’s also helping me stick to my 90-day commitment, by committing to a daily blog post, and it’s something that I’ll definitely continue afterwards. My honest, detailed daily account could, I believe, be really helpful to others who are unsure, apprehensive or just needing support on this diet.

What’s something interesting about yourself?

Interesting about me. Hmmm. I live in Cape Town and I’ve travelled all over the world. My favorite childhood memory is of my dad leaving two-finger Kit Kats or boxes of Smarties next to the TV, every Saturday morning, for my sister and I, for when we’d get up early to watch TV. My first job was on a radio station, and I would give my left kidney to see the Spice Girls in concert (yes, even now!). I came out when I was 27 and I shocked my whole family and most of my friends. They all recovered and now I have a wonderful partner and no one can remember a time before her. I like to make sandwiches out of two slices of fresh cucumber and a cooked egg yolk (this is a no-judge zone, right?), and the best baker I know is my Dad. I miss his raisin cake soooo much! I suck at frying eggs but I am proud to have mastered cooking a good steak. I can do push ups and ‘wiggle’ my eyeballs.

Follow your bliss…

If I could follow my bliss, I’d move to Thailand and spend my days fulfilling my copywriting commitments on the beaches of Koh Phangang. Both the Thai cuisine and the climate agrees with me beautifully.

My favorite quotes – I have a few:

Transformation is not a future event; it’s a present day activity – Jillian Michaels
Your health is your responsibility – Jillian Michaels
What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.
You get what you give – The New Radicals